Beauty-trend: dark lipstick

We are accustomed to the fact that the summer makeup trends are characterized by their ease and weightlessness: pink glitter, natural lashes, subtle blush. But this time the situation has changed: the main trend of the future of beauty of summer, no doubt, can be considered as lipsticks saturated darker shades.

black lipstick, dark lipstick (1)

Plum, burgundy, dark blue and even black – all these colors should appear in your cosmetic bag. Special preference is to give lipstick with a matte finish – they hold out longer, and the gloss is not held in high esteem.

black lipstick, dark lipstick (2)

Dark lipstick requires a suitable pencil, which will help to create a clear path, so do not neglect this tool. If the hand you have not packed to create a bright lips make-up, it will probably be convenient to use a special brush to apply the color on the edges of the lips, and in the center of the lipstick is not afraid to put already directly Stick. And, of course, do not forget that emphasis on the lips, to get involved in eye make-up is not necessary.

black lipstick, dark lipstick (3)

Among the fans of bright lipsticks many stars – Rihanna , Kim Kardashian , Olivia Munn and other celebrities punctually wearing dark colors. And Kylie Jenner, who also loves bright lips make-up, lipstick even released almost black in color with a matte finish.

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