Bear at the wedding: See Incredible Photos of Wedding that makes the rounds of the Internet

Usually at a wedding at the center are the groom and the bride. However, a couple overshadowed by a big brown bear, who was invited to take part in their special day. By Denis and Nelya, both 30 years old from Moscow Russia, hired the male bear Stepan, weighing 130 kg, to offer the rings honeymoon.

amazing wedding, bear, bear at wedding

The adorable bear wearing matching bow up and posed to the couple’s photographs. By Denis says: “Both of us knew that Stepan was an easy-going bear, but it remains a large and unpredictable animal, so we feared a little, but we are glad we made our dream.

amazing wedding, bear, bear at wedding1

It was a fantastic experience to do this photo shoot with Stepan. “It’s an awesome feeling to embrace a real, huge bear, and does not compare to anything else. We will remember this day forever. ” The Stepan Bear became famous in May 2016, when they released photos of domesticated animal.

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