Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid at CES 2017

Its world premiere the latest version of autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid in early January 2017 of the CES in Las Vegas . The environment of the actually known as a trade fair for consumer electronics CES have in recent years more and more automakers taken advantage to present innovative products there.


The Ford Fusion is sold to us as Mondeo

The new fusion research vehicles differ externally barely from the previous model, or the in Germany known Ford Mondeo. Only new sensors from Velodyne indicate that there is a new autonomous Ford Fusion is facing. Together with the Chinese Internet company Baidu has Ford in 2016 about $ 150 million in Velodyne invested. Velodyne is a leading manufacturer of laser systems, which scan the environment of a vehicle.


On the basis of this LiDAR data (abbreviation for Light detection and ranging) 3D models of the environment and moving objects are calculated without the autonomous vehicles being quasi-blind. Pure optical systems, such as those used in the often criticized Tesla autopilot, are far less reliable and accurate.

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