Attention! There is an Ordinary Insect but most dangerous

Such insects may look sweet and innocent, but only that it is not. These small creatures actually act parasitically and
sometimes fatal, since they help the spread of Chagas virus in animals and humans. More and more people in South America and the US are confronted with this rare parasitic infection and is now estimated that more than 300,000 people are infected with the virus in the US alone. In Texas, about 400 dogs have died of this virus, as it is more susceptible to this virus.

insects, dangerous insects

Usually they bite people when sleeping, close the eyes and mouth, as feed on blood. Then, when their faeces come into
contact with the bite or the eye, transfer the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite victim.

The parasite thus spread more and more. Besides this, the dogs can stick this disease and eating insect or feces of infected

The Chagas virus is not only distasteful to how transmitted, but also how that affects its victims. Most often the disease has
no symptoms until it has reached another stage and suddenly makes his appearance from nowhere.

That’s why they call them “silent killer” and symptoms are:

-prismeni belly
-synchysi and weakness
-Lack of coordination
-kriseis or volatility movements
-Reduced appetite
-katathlipsi, lethargy – palpitations – heart failure
Many of these symptoms are common to other diseases, but fortunately there are tests that can detect this virus. If diagnosed
in the early stages of the disease, it is quite easy to treat, otherwise things are very difficult.

Also, there are ways to reduce your exposure to the insect, because all the animals that move are vulnerable to this virus.
See what you can do to prevent your pet be infected:

-Move The woods, underbrush and rocks that are close to your yard, as the insect loves these areas.
-Keep Your pets inside during the night, since the insect is nocturnal.
-Close The holes in windows or the windows of the house.
-Ypsoste house dog for not being in contact with the soil.
-Do not use lights at night, because they attract insects.

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