Angelina Jolie went to meet Brad Pitt

To resolve all contentious issues in 2016. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not have time because of the divorce process continues in the 2017th. A few weeks ago, Pitt’s side went to court with the requirement to classify records relating to the private life of the actor’s children. According to lawyers, the data provided by Angelina Jolie, can harm children couples.


The document states the names of professionals who work with children of Pitt-Jolie. Brad insisted that this information may not be open, because through the same doctors may have to find out some family secrets, the disclosure of which will not benefit anyone. Pitt insisted that Angelina Jolie and her lawyers “ignored the agreements concerning the protection of children’s interests.”

Today it became known that the issue of classification of information has already been solved. Party Angelina said that the actress has already signed a non-disclosure and paper if it does not respect personal boundaries loved ones, you would have told about what happened on board the private plane when Brad had quarreled with the eldest son Maddox. its demand to classify some information from the divorce proceedings Pitt guided by its own interests and fears, above all, for his reputation: “There is some doubt as to the motive, because of which Brad prefers to keep it a secret, especially considering that intervened in the case the FBI and the Department of children and family Affairs.

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