All serious: the court banned Donald Trump from blocking users on Twitter

A few days ago, foreign media reported that by order of the court, Donald Trump can no longer block his subscribers on Twitter. Seven followers who got on the black list of the US president, said that the head of state violates the country’s constitution.

And, to be more precise, they infringe upon their rights to freedom of speech and protest. The case was taken up by a New York court that took the side of the “victims”. Donald Trump ordered to unblock users and henceforth no longer send readers to the blacklist.

By the way, among the locked was the model of Chrissie Teigen. The president closed her access to her page after Tagen wrote under one of his entries: “Nobody likes you”. Now Chrissie triumphs after the court order: “So, so, here we are again met,” – she wrote on her Twitter.

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