At age 13 she was the prettiest girl in class – now she is 18 years old and her picture tells a terrible story

Margherita is originally from England, where she dreamed of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Strict dance teacher told Margherita that her curvy body was unsuitable for ballet. They kept saying that she had ‘thick thighs’. The young girl was so distraught and embarrassed by their comments that she began a strict diet to lose weight.


The young ballet dancer did not want her body to stand in the way of her dreams, so she cut back on her calorie consumption she just took 140 calories a day. Often she fasted and ate nothing for days on end. The devastating consequences for her weight, which went from 55 kilos to just 25 kilos.

My weight was completely normal, but I realized it then. I was only focused on becoming a better dancer, so I started training even harder without eating anything. I enjoyed to punish my body and fell in love with the idea of ​​hating myself, says Margherita. Margherita struggled for years with anorexia until she recently managed to break the vicious circle. As she improved her eating habits, then got the positive impact on her overall health and appearance.


She made a list of 200 foods with high calorie, as she was afraid – both butter and chocolate were on the list. Little by little, she introduced these foods in her diet again and today Margherita a normal weight of 55 kilos. Learn to love your body and yourself. It is important to have a healthy relationship with food. Anorexia is powerful disease that are often life threatening. I’m so lucky that I chose to stop in time, says Margherita.

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    Everyone is beutiful no matter how they look😊.

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