Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal When exposed to the laser radiation on the cells that contain melanin, is heated. The concentration of melanin is, the more effective will work to remove hair. The skin is not damaged, cool down from the end of the session.


This method is effective only for those hairs that are in active growth, visible on the skin surface. And the others, who are currently in “hibernation”, will have to be removed later in the next session. More recently, laser hair removal was not possible to carry out in the summer.

Due to the fact that the skin is tanned, the device could be burned. But there were such wonderful neodymium lasers are well cool the skin without causing any harm, but only by removing the hair. They can adjust the intensity of the radiation.

Cooling reduces the sensitivity of the skin, is a kind of anesthesia, if necessary. But more often the session does not bring significant inconvenience. A more effective and painless procedure will be, if in front of her to grow hair for 3 – 5 mm. Positive and negative aspects pros : • Suitable for all skin types and colors; • security. No thermal effects on the treatment area;

• there is an anti-aging effect; • sterility, hygiene; • painless and comfort; • does not remain scars and wounds on the skin; • each individual session for a short time; • in compliance with all the rules and tips beautician, hair removal is good. Minus only one procedure: the need to repeat the session. Due to the fact that all the hair can not be removed at a time, the method has to be repeated after a certain period of time.

Because the entire course is prolonged, and the final result can be seen only after all services. For some, the cost of the procedure may seem a minus. But when you consider that with the hair in the end you can say goodbye forever, the financial aspect does not seem to have such an important. After all, the result – a smooth and beautiful body. If you follow all advice cosmetologist, then very soon it will be possible to admire her smooth skin.

Usually a specialist after the procedure causes the treated area a special cream. It nourishes and softens the skin. In some cases, may appear burn marks, then you should apply Bepanten or panthenol. During the week, a complication should pass.

It is impossible after the procedure to take bath or sauna. Sunbathing for the week before and the week after – banned. No hormones. Better not rip off the scabs from burns, or scars. When you exit to the street to use effective sunscreens.

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