Advanced “garbage” puts the space debris

Japanese craft supply that was launched to the International Space Station carries a sophisticated collector “space junk” .The Kounotori 6 , is a whip length 700 m constructed of thin aluminum and steel wires . This accessory can change the trajectory of an object and is intended to remove debris that is in orbit.


It is designed to be connected to one end of bulky space debris and to slow down due to interaction of the conductive wires with the earth’s magnetic field . The rubbish falls so in increasingly low orbit until destroyed in the burning atmosphere .

This time the whip has a length of 700 meters, to but can slow large space debris should lengthen the 5-10000 measures” indicated to AFP the Katsuya Suzuki engineer Nitto Seimo company, which has experience 106 years in manufacturing nets. “The whip was based on our own knitting technology, but it was very difficult to weave these very fine threads,” he said.

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