Was your account hacked on Yahoo; What to do immediately!

The Yahoo announced another massive security breach in the accounts of its users, causing concern to all those who have been victims of hackers. According to company information, the theft far more than one hundred million accounts and is about twice the number of handles personal data and data from the previous hit in the same company last September.


“The Yahoo has gold and silver medal in the largest data theft from hackers,” he told CNN the Nigam Hemu , CEO of digital security company, SSP Blue. The company has already sent information mail users stolen their details and their calls to change passwords.

If you, however, feel a little more security, in general, much more, not after grabbing your information from Yahoo see what you can do: Use different passwords, especially your important digital accounts. As explains CTO, Security Shape, Shuman Ghosemajumder , if you have a strong password, which, however, use everywhere, you increase the chances compromised. Much more, if you use Yahoo’s codes to services e- banking,

you must immediately change them because hackers use special programs that use stolen passwords to such services.
– Hackers not only stole passwords and answers to security questions. Thus, they can useĀ If you are unable to devise a system of memorizing difficult codes are specific programs, such as 1Password and LastPass to which you can resort.
– Beware of misleading emails requesting more information and have verisimilitude. Do not follow their instructions and give them your personal information. Increase your “degree of alert” on pages that ask you to click on links or offer free downloads. Never moving your account information or passwords via mail.

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