A white lion and a white tiger about babies. The result; Amazing!

What happens if a white lion and a white tiger mate? How are the babies? Thanks to this loving couple have the answer. Their babies are really adorable and of course .. ultra rare! Called Leontotigreis and because the lion-father introduces a gene that promotes the development, but the bond of growth inhibiting gene from the tiger-mother absent, their children when they grow up, will They are larger by both parents.


The Leontotigreis share physical and behavioral qualities of both parents. Male leontotigri are sterile, but the female is often fruitful.


Males show a probability of 50%, approximately, have a mane, but even if that happens, their manes will have about half the size of that of a pure lion. But when they grow up are very large in size!


Their body can reach 4 meters in length and their weight can exceed 400 pounds, As for the specific small leontotigrakia by their white fur, they are even more rare! Called Olntin, Samson, Yeti and Apollo.

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