9 nutrition recommendations that reduce cancer risk

Nutrition is one of the effective factors in cancer protection. For this reason, according to experts, at the beginning of the measures to be taken before facing cancer, balanced and healthy nutrition comes. In fact, foods contain cancer preventive


substances on the one hand and cancer preventive substances on the other. “Cooking and storage procedures, harmful substances can appear in foods. Roast, fried, salted, smoked foods and nitrite, Nitrate added foods and kebabs cooked very close to the fire increased the risk of cancer. “Oncologist Karaca, who says that seasonal vegetables and fruits and nuts, cereals and animal foods (egg, lean cheese, sediment, and yoghurt) reduce cancer risk,” said Oncologist Karaca, referring to nutrition recommendations that would be effective in protecting against cancer:
1. Balanced menus should be prepared with sufficient and balanced nutrition and food from 4 food groups at meals.
2. At least 5 servings of vegetables or fruit a day should be consumed. At least 2 portions should be green leafy vegetables or citrus like orange or lemon.
3. Instead of refined grains and pure sugar, full grain grains should be preferred.
4. Do not eat red meat every day; Fish, chicken, vegetables and dry beans alternately consumed.
5. The grill and grill must be kept away from burnt meat.
6. To reduce fat intake, foods should be cooked with low fat, meat dishes should be cooked with their own fat without adding oil, instead of baking methods such as frying, roasting; Boiling, grilling, baking methods should be preferred.
7. Processed meat products such as salami sausages and ready-made sauces should not be consumed.
8. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided.
9. Broccoli, tomatoes, red bananas, walnuts, kiwi and other foods as known to protect against cancer should be consumed.

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