4 books for the first week of 2017

The Woman in White
This classic novel, and the first emotional mystery literary work (sensation novel), originally published in installments in the form All the Year Round , a weekly literary magazine founded and directed by Charles Dickens, from


1859 until his death in 1870 . the novel by Wilkie Collins (1824- 1889) began to be published on November 26, 1859 and closed on 25 August 1860. Romanticism and realism, passion and logic, classical style and original ideas make a huge canvas, a kaleidoscopic novel loved both Dickens and Thackeray, and countless anonymous readers. Regardless if read as a Victorian classic work, or as the first Mafia novel (with Fosko as early Godfather says researcher John Sutherland, or as the progenitor of the English detective novel (with Chartrait as early Private researcher), or as an exploration of some of the darker unknown aspects of Victorian sexuality, the Woman in White remains one of the two or three novels of the period will maintain their position for extremely high readability.

The-Trial-for-Murder-and-Other-Mysteries-,bookThe Trial for Murder and Other Mysteries
Three police novels maximum Charles Dickens (1812-1870), originally published in the same form that hosted the Women in White , in All the Year Round. We meet ghosts hungry for revenge, haunted houses, bizarre rumors by serial killers. Of particular interest is the third short story, entitled Stalking. It is believed that Dickens was inspired by a British artist, journalist, forger and murderer, with whom he had met the author. This is the Thomas Griffiths Wainewright (1794 – 1847) . I’ve heard too many nonsense, the Dickens wrote of bad people who do not look at you face to face. Do not trust this hackneyed idea. The dishonesty can look at the face to face honestly and make her lowered eyes, if it has something to gain from it.

the-Last-Days,book,-novelthe Last Days
First acquaintance with the prolific writer Brian Evenson (Iowa, 1966), which deals with various kinds of hard noir to the Gothic tales and literature of the fantastic. These the Last Days , winning horror novel (2009), takes us into the world of religious intolerance, the depths of a dark sect engaged in amputations because the founders thought it through amputation closer to God. Anatomist horror, precision writing, the Evenson raises the intensity of the action and intensifies our suspense on every page. Nearby there was a guard, voltarontas loose, but Klein became one with the shadow and let him live. Slowly approached the gate, but it was as desolate as when he had gone before, the dead remain conveniently dead spots where they had fallen. They had spent two hours since he had come ;, wondered, and then wondered if it was a trap. He came out with his throat tickling him, waiting to drop shots.

West-Liberty,book,novelWest Liberty
Well acquainted with the already acclaimed Swedish writer Thomas Engström (1975), who has also grappled with journalism and translation (has translated, among others, books of Barack Obama and Ian Kershaw). The main hero, Ludwig Licht, erstwhile star of the Stasi, now independent agent of CIA, is indebted, is middle-aged, have liver partly ruined by alcohol, has trouble with the Moldovan mafia, lives in Berlin and invited to unravel a triple crime and put them in a sworn enemy of the United States. The mystery, espionage, the action-packed, but also observations and author’s comments Berlin compose an incendiary cocktail. But this simple facade with windows mirrors in color of salmon flesh hid -as so many others in a city where history layers thronged and scratched each other during unsolved pleiades- a huge underground complex of several floors.

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