24-year-old bodybuilder known as Hulk: he will fight against IS

24-year-old Sajad Gharibi from Iran is better known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’. He is a weightlifter and has nearly 130,000 followers on her Instagram account. And now he joins into the fight against the Islamic State. Sajad Gharibi is really good at lifting weights. So much so that he now weighs no less than 160 kg and supposedly can lift up to 180 kg. He is, in other words a huge bread.


Therefore, he is also known as ‘Hulk from Iran’. Physically he resembles also his alter ego, the superhero ‘The Hulk’, a cartoon character known from the Marvel universe together with, among others, Spider-man and X-Men. He is due to his physical stature become something of an Internet phenomenon through his Instagram profile .


On Instagram sharing Sajad Gharibi tons of pictures of themselves – often in situations where he poses with other people or things that look unnaturally small in comparison with the huge weight lifter. But besides weight lifting has Sajad Gharibi a burning desire to see an end to the terrorist regime of the Islamic State in Syria. Therefore reports he is now active in the fight against IS. Sajad Gharibi will settle the Iranian forces fighting against IS in Syria.

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