2017 will be one seconds late

With … delay will welcome the new year , as the advent of 2017 will be delayed a little, namely, just a second. This will happen as it was decided to add to the clocks of humanity a leap second, p In order to compensate for the slowing rotation of the Earth around its axis, So on New Year’s Eve,


when the clocks show 23:59:59 (UTC time), rather than to pass in 2017, will show 23:59:60, as announced a few months ago the US Naval Observatory , which is responsible for the official US military clock. Head for time tracking at US Naval Observatory in Washington are two Greek origin scientists, Dimitri Matsakis and Nick Stamatakos, who first internationally issued the announcement for the new leap second.

The problem stems from the fact that two different time measuring methods: the traditional astronomical based on rotation of the Earth and the latest based on individual precision clocks. As – due to the gravitational effects of the Moon and other celestial bodies – gradually slowing rotation of the Earth, one of the astronomical differential is created in relation to the atomic time.

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